Saturday, November 29, 2014


Farewell to Ann

My dear friend, Ann Gregory passed away this week.  I believe she was only 40 years old. She had ALL, endured two bone marrow/stem cell transplants, had post transplant Lymphopliferative Disease, Late GvHD of the Lungs, Squamous cell Carcinoma of the Tongue, then Squamous metastasis to the spine.   She battled cancer(s) and complications for eight years with the dignity and grace like no other.  She was a ray of sunshine and will always continue to be an inspiration to so many.

I bid my dear friend farewell.  I wish for Chris, her wonderful, strong and devoted husband the strength to move forward.  He was Ann's rock through all of this and I can't even imagine the things he's had to endure.

Please pray for Chris as he moves into a new phase of his life.
See Ann's blog on the sidebar.

On the left is Ann's donor, Dana and her husband.  The Right is Chris & Ann Gregory

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Over Due Post

Truthfully, It’s been a tough year with many emotional swings.  It has been difficult for me to sit down and write this over-due post.  I had to get my head in the right place before attempting to update this blog.

First some good events:

Bone Marrow Transplant Reunion

I attended the Bone Marrow Transplant Reunion at City of Hope in May and celebrated my 8th year in remission.  Thank you everybody for your support through the years!!!  Here are a few photos from the event.   
Myself, Anna (NP) and Michelle
My lifesaving Doctor, Dr. Nakamura

A3M Gala Fundraising Dinner

Save the Date, October 4th.  Go to for tickets and supporter information.   Please seriously consider attending this event.  It's A3M's one large fundraiser and you too, can make a difference!!!

Ann Gregory

My dear friend, Ann Gregory, whose blog link is on the side of my blog under Ann’s Fight, has survived two marrow/stem cell transplants.  She has been plagued with varying degrees of Graft vs. Host Disease continuously but has endured everything thrown her way.  And believe me when I say, she has had a lot on her plate!

I have been in contact with Ann over the past 7 years.  Last October she made it to Los Angeles in an eventful first meeting with her life-saving donor.  I had the pleasure of spending several days with Chris and Ann!

Shown here: Hung, Dana, Chris and Ann
Dana was Ann's lifesaver!!!  She donated her marrow/stem cell over 5 years ago to save Ann's life.  Need I remind you that Ann is of mixed heritage, English/Irish on her Father's side and Vietnamese/Chinese on her Mother's side.  Dana, from Hawaii was not a perfect match but perfect enough to breathe life into Ann.  Asians are under-represented in the marrow registry and mixed race donors are desperately needed!  Please register to become a life-saving marrow/stem cell donor.  
Visit to find out how!

This year, my optimism and resolve was nearly shattered when I learned that Ann had been diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma, which required surgery, chemo and radiation.  They removed muscles in her neck, lymph nodes, part of her jugular vein to name a few.  She has just completed six weeks of radiation and chemo. 

Please read her blog and send prayers her way. 

Sheri Olmon

I have had the honor of just getting to know a fellow 15-year transplant survivor, Sheri Olmon.  Her family has been huge supporters of A3M for many years.   This year, Sheri joined the A3M Fundraiser Dinner Committee and I felt instantly very fond of her.  I spent a wonderful day with her at the Bone Marrow Transplant Reunion at City of Hope last May. 

In July, I was devastated to hear that Sheri was tragically killed in a car accident.  She was driving in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter.  A Maserati drove into their lane.  Sheri was killed and her husband and daughter sustained non life-threatening injuries. 

It has been especially hard for me to wrap my head around this. 

Knee Surgery

Two weeks ago, I underwent knee surgery for the second time in as many years.  My meniscus was torn through and required surgical repair including stitches.  A rather large cyst was removed, as well.    My doctor also felt that a procedure called PRP (platelet-rich plasma) would aid in the healing.  (Who would have thought that the very person who couldn't make platelets or obtain a platelet count within normal range would be using her own platelets for healing in other parts of her body?   Miracles do happen.. I had pre-op lab work and for the first time since my illness began in 2002, I had a platelet count within normal range!  Just in time!!!!!  )   I will be sporting a lovely full leg splint for a month, as I am not allowed to bend my knee.  I can’t drive until the month is up on September 10th. 

All in all, this is just a blip in the big picture.  I want it to heal completely so I can resume life. 

With Gratitude

Thank you for following in my journey.  I really do appreciate all of you.   I’m sorry it took me so long to post, but upon reading it, I’m sure you understand.  You are all the wind beneath my wings. There's so much to be grateful for and I am truly blessed to have all of you in my life!  


Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Eight Years Post Transplant!

Please pardon my absence.  I've been busy with LIFE.... ah, how sweet to say that.

I had my Eight Year Post Transplant Appointment with Dr. Nakamura at the City of Hope.  Firstly, I can't believe I just wrote Eight years!!!

I didn't recognize these labs as MY labs....  That being said, here are some of my counts:

WBC                                         3.9    (normal 3.9 - 10.3)
RBC                                         4.04  (3.91 - 5.18)
Hemoglobin, Whole Blood      12.5    (11.4 - 15.3)
Hematocrit, Whole Blood        37.3   (34.5-  44.6)
Platelet                                      140   (150 - 340)

The rest of my counts (not listed) are within normal limits.   When I started on this journey my platelet count was always under 100 going as low as single digits.  It hasn't been this high since 2002 (12 years ago)!  I guess my the stem cells in my new marrow are still getting happy and setting up shop.  It's taken some time but they are coming around.  I have nothing but time...

In other news, we survived our badly needed kitchen remodel.   Scott has moved out and is now enjoying home (condo) ownership.  Andrew has just over a year left to finish his Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree.  Mark is working hard and keeping busy with church, fitness and family.

Thank you for continuing to follow this blog and our family news.  We thank God for all of our abundant Blessings!!!!  We thank God for all of you... our precious, family and friends!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013


A3M Gala Dinner Event

A3M's Annual Gala Dinner Event is Saturday, October 5th.  If you can support this event, please see information below to purchase tickets and attend this special program.  I've been asked to speak at this event and can really use your support.  A3M has opted to skip the dinner/concert format this year.  We have a program which surely will be memorable including a first time patient-donor meeting.  I can't wait for this one.  There will also be survivor stories as well as stories from those still searching for their donor/lifesaver.  

More information on


Scott Graduation & City of Hope Bone Marrow Transplant Reunion

Scott & Andrew

Graduation, May 2013
These are our two strapping sons, Scott & Andrew.  Scott graduated with his BS in Mechanical Engineering in December 2012, but walked in the Spring Graduation Ceremony for his parents sake.  Thank you Scott.  Since graduation, he has been working as a Mechanical Engineer in the oil and gas industry.  

Andrew is pursuing his BS in Nursing and is hoping to obtain nursing internships during this fall semester.  He is studying hard and will make a wonderfully caring and understanding nurse.  He became interested in nursing during my battle with cancer.  

Dr. Nakamura, Anna - Nurse Practitioner
Fellow Transplant Survivor- Michelle

City of Hope Bone Marrow Transplant Reunion

This event is always a memorable one.  Pictured here are special people including my doctor, nurse practitioner and my fellow survivor friend, Michelle.  

You will see in last years Transplant Reunion posting, a photo of our fellow transplant friend, Jerome.  We were deeply saddened by his passing a few months ago.  It is my understanding that complications with pneumonia were to blame.  He will be sorely missed.

Life continues to keep us busy.  Mark is busy at work and had a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Kenya working with two other dentists on a dental mission trip with our church, Catalyst Christian Community.  

We have lived in our home for over 21 years.  The kitchen and house has begun to fall apart.  We are planning on remodeling the kitchen.  I can survive cancer and a bone marrow transplant.  The real question is, can I survive a kitchen remodel?  Anybody want to donate some appliances, funds, flooring or granite?  Just throwing it out there, you never know.  I will post updates on this project if we ever get started.  lol....  to be continued...

Thank you for checking in on me....     Blessings to all,   nancy

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